About Triple L Rustic Designs

Family Run Business

Triple L Rustic Designs was created by Larry and Trey Larson in 2020 here in Plant City, FL. Trey's wife Zoe Larson found an interest in woodworking and quickly joined in on the fun. It originally began as a hobby and a great way to make memories. It has rapidly grown into a successful business, providing unique lumber, furniture and entertainment to customers all over the world. Whether you're looking for hand-built rustic furniture or lumber to create your own project, we look forward to serving you here at Triple L Rustic Designs!
The name Triple L Rustic Designs was created because both Trey and his father Larry have legal names with the initials L.L.L. The name also works well now that Zoe is the third Larson to join the business! 
Trey and Zoe have full-time careers as Deputy Sheriff’s for a local law enforcement agency where they fight crime and strive daily to keep the community safe. Larry has spent the past 30 years as a salesman and currently runs a sales company in the construction industry. All three have grown to love woodworking and can be found in the wood shop creating unique products on their days off. 
Trey and Larry are avid outdoorsman and often go fishing and hunting together when they are not working. Trey was born and raised here in Florida and Larry introduced him to outdoor activities as a young boy. Zoe moved to Florida from Maine and has always been passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Zoe is in the process of creating her own athletic clothing brand which will consist of the leggings she can often be seen wearing as well as health and nutrition advice. 
Everyone here at Triple L Rustic Designs is excited to see the business continue to grow and thanks you all for the support!